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What Is the First Sign of Cataracts?

Spotting Cataracts Your eyes change all your life. While many significant changes often occur during childhood, vision changes can happen at any age. Vision typically stabilizes between ages 20–21 because your eyes stop growing, but what about tissues inside the eye? Cataracts are a common lens disorder that causes vision changes, typically in adults over […]

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What Is RLE Surgery?

A doctor looking at a patient's eye through a microscope while the patient lays on the exam bed during surgery.

RLE surgery, or refractive lens exchange surgery, is a procedure used to help correct certain refractive errors. This innovative procedure has allowed more patients to enjoy clear vision without such a heavy dependence on prescription eyewear. But RLE isn’t for everyone. You need a consultation with an eye doctor to determine if RLE is right […]

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Will I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

Pair of glasses laying upside down on a medical journal with the words Cataract Surgery in focus showing through the right lense in pink.

Cataracts can affect your vision to the point you may struggle to see your friend’s facial expression. When you can’t see well, cataract surgery is the best treatment to restore your vision. Your ophthalmologist can remove your cloudy lens, but will you still require glasses after your surgery? Continue reading to learn more about cataracts, […]

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